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Do you know someone who's wardrobe is holding them back in their life?  A mother or father that is so busy giving to others they forgot about themselves?  You can help them feel confident and attractive again.  Give them a gift certificate for a style makeover.  We can tailor the gift certificate to meet any budget.  Click on the gift certificate button on the left side of the page to find out more.
Here's what Style Success clients have to say about their experience:

"Jodi was  dream to work with!  I knew I needed a ton of help and I could tell by looking at her website that she knew what she was doing and had a great eye.  When we met, she really focused on what I needed, based on my profession and personality.  She went through my wardrobe and really just confirmed what I was already feeling about pieces.  The things she recommended removing were ones I already knew didn't work.  The thing that really helped was that she showed me WHY those pieces didn't work for my body type.  That helped a lot when I got the the shopping part because I knew what to avoid. 

Before Jodi's help, I would go shopping and attempt to buy things that worked, but I didn't know what I was doing, so it was a huge waste of money and time.  After shopping with Jodi, I know just what to look for, what works and what doesn't!  This saves me a ton,  I am far more confident with my wardrobe.  I highly recommend her!" - Janet (Houston, TX)

"Thank you again for all your help!  You definitely make shopping easier, efficient and much more fun!!" - Donna (Houston, TX)

"Thank you so much for all your help with my wardrobe.  Using your advice makes shopping much easier and more enjoyable,  now I know what to look for and am better able to tell what's appropriate for me.  I feel so much more confident and comfortable at the office.  I also have noticed people taking me more seriously, which being younger in the work force means a lot.  Thanks again!" - Laura  (Houston, TX)

"Just wanted to say thank you for following up for me today and for all you're doing for me.  I am so grateful!  Thanks to you, I've turned over a new leaf in caring about how I present myself to the world.  It's very gratifying and comes at just the right time in my life." - Anna (Houston, TX)

"Jodi has an amazing eye for figure flattering clothes and accessories.  I get compliments on pieces purchased in 2008 that still look fresh today.  In addition to finding the best silhouette and palette, she finds the best prices.  She knows which clothes are the most cost effective in terms of styling and construction.  I look forward to working with Jodi again." - Nancy (Houston, TX)

"Several years ago I worked with an Image Consultant but was not satisfied with the results.
She wasn't a good listener. I felt my body type and age wasn't being considered for the image I wanted to portray.  Unfortunately, that experience affected my interest in image consultants - working with someone who doesn't have your best interest in mind or sense of style is exhausting.  Then one day the owner of a small boutique referred me to Jodi.  She was very responsive, a good listener and discussed body type and lifestyle. Our first shopping trip was productive and so delightful!  She is very practical, uses your time wisely and provides a unique personal touch.  Now we maximize our time together by preparing a list in advance which includes special occasions, holidays and other family members. I switched to Jodi and will not work with any other image consultant again. If you want to develop your best personal style, contact Jodi." - Anne (Houston, TX)

"Jodi was heaps of fun to work with, we started out communicating via email and Skype as I live on the other side of the world.  Jodi's warmth and friendliness helped me feel relaxed right from our first call and she was able to choose styles and colours that easily worked for me.  [When] I travelled to Texas ... we shopped together for some great outfits, bags and shoes for me to wear at a conference I was attending. My new outfits made an enormous difference to my confidence whilst delivering presentations to my colleagues from around the world. I have received many compliments and look forward to working with Jodi again. - Judy  (Visiting Houston from Mauritius)

"Let me start by saying that I wish I had done this sooner.   I had been putting off buying new clothes because I wasn't happy with my current weight, and only decided to go shopping because I needed a more professional look for my new job.  Now, I look and feel amazing just the way I am.  Jodi did such a wonderful job, making me feel comfortable and then choosing clothes that accented the things I like best about my body, while minimizing the parts I am self conscious about.  I was surprised at some of the things she chose for me to try on, but she was always right on the money.  I have a closet full of beautiful things that look great on me, not just the mannequin.  My husband is so impressed that he is planning to work with Jodi later this year to update his wardrobe.  Thank you Jodi, you are amazing."
- Dr. Jenna (Ann Arbor, MI & Palm Beach, FL)

“Simply put, Jodi is just great. She has a talent for fashion and a keen eye as to what really works on
different body types to enhance what’s great about them. She’s extremely committed to her clients.
From shoes to suits, she shows you how to make the most of one piece— how to use it casually or
more professionally to make the statement you want to make while maximizing your clothing
investment. I have really enjoyed working with Jodi and already plan to work with her more in the future. She’s fun, knows her stuff, works within your budget, and goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy with her service, enjoy the overall experience, and feel great about your clothes and how you look in them. I feel lucky to have discovered Jodi and am happy to be a reference.” - Laurie
(Ann Arbor, MI)

"When I received a promotion two years ago, a friend referred me to Jodi.  Shopping for my own clothes has never been something I enjoyed.  I was extremely skeptical about working with an image consultant, but agreed to a couple hours one Saturday.  Jodi reviewed my wardrobe and recommended pieces to compliment my body type, skin tone and life style.  Her advice on custom shirts - colors, fabrics, styles - which fit my body best was one of the best investments I've ever made. By lunch my opinion of an image consultant totally changed.  Jodi is excellent.  I highly
recommend her, she has a keen sense of style success"  -  Ed  (Houston, TX)

"I want to take the opportunity to thank you for helping me pick out some new clothes for my upcoming speaking gigs this fall. You opened my eyes to some of the current issues with my wardrobe that I never knew existed – like my shirts were too big on me! And you were spot on. The new suit looks awesome and I feel 100% comfortable getting up on that stage.
It was a blast and I highly recommend guys (and girls!) to work with Jodi on creating the perfect wardrobe for you!" - Corey (Royal Oak,MI)

"In an effort to rescue my wardrobe, my mother offered to pay for a day of personal shopping with Jodi.  When the cab pulled up to the spot where I was meeting Jodi, I chuckled at the prospect of the whole affair – not only would I never have hired a personal shopper for myself, but I didn’t think it would do much good for me in the long-term.
Jodi looked at my wardrobe, my figure, and my lifestyle and pointed out a few items that would totally change the way I looked and dressed. Plus, she’s good at shopping. Really good. I know- I also didn’t consider it a skill until I saw it actually happening.
When I go shopping by myself now I am so much more open to trying on outfits I wouldn’t have tried on before.  Changing how you think about what you wear can change how you think about how you look. I feel much better about how I look when I go out now.
Sometimes we just need a bit of a kick-start, and that’s what Jodi’s great for. I highly recommend."
- Justine (New York, NY)

"Jodi is an outstanding image consultant, who not only will help you develop a personal style that works for your body type, skin tones, and life style and transform your image,  but also help you decide what wear that won't clash with your personality. She is very practical, fun and doesn't waste time. It is a pleasure working with her". - Dr. Senait (Ann Arbor, MI)

"Went to see a friend's new house and stopped at the nursery to get her a plant.  The clerk could not stop talking about how "cute" I looked...'thanks to you!!!'.  When I returned home my husband said I looked 10 years younger!!!!"  - Susan (Houston, TX)

"To give my mother's wardrobe a little pick-me-up as a Christmas gift, I hired Jodi to take her shopping for jeans and and some tops.  The three of us had a great time.  Jodi knew the stores like the back of her hand.  She knew how to fit my mother's body and play to her strengths beautifully.  I could see my mother brimming with confidence as a result.  My mother gained some great pieces for her wardrobe, great shopping tips for the future, and the courage to try new things. I enjoyed the shopping trip so much that I am going to hire Jodi again to help my mother find a mother-of-the-bride dress for my sister's wedding this summer and to help me pick a bridesmaid dress!  Thanks again, Jodi!" - Kristin  (Ann Arbor, MI)

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