Wardrobe Review

In this important first step I will have the chance to get to know you and start to hone in on your personal style.  We'll discuss your present lifestyle, career, budget and other factors that contribute to your individual style needs. We'll go through your present wardrobe and you'll learn ways to make the most of what you already own, which pieces are just taking up space and what to do to take your style to the next level.
(Rate: Flat Rate $180, for first 2 hours + $100 for each additional hour)


Personal Shopping

This is where we take what we learned from the Wardrobe Review and put that into action.  There are two ways to go about acquiring the pieces to enhance your image:

Option 1: Learn how to shop smart - we will go together to shop for the best items to bring your wardrobe to the next level and to realize your style potential.  You will learn which silhouettes, colors and styles work best for you and where to find them.
(Rate: $100/hr)

Option 2: Special delivery - I will use my expertise to purchase items on your behalf and deliver them to you.  At this point we also put together looks by combining with your existing pieces.  (Rate: $100/hr)

Style Success!

So we're done with the shopping.  Now what?  Take the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning!  Together we'll go through your new wardrobe and take pictures of your new outfits by combining them with your existing pieces. You won't have to think about what to put together, it's all there for you!
Rate: Flat Rate $180, for first 2 hours + $100 for each additional hour

Photo Shoot Styling

Advertising   -   Editorial   -   Family Photos   -   Headshots
 * contact me to discuss rates: jodi@stylesuccess.net