A Truly Unique Gift

Do you want to spoil your significant other for Valentine's Day, their birthday or an anniversary but you're out of fresh ideas?  Give your loved one a day with their very own personal stylist!  What could be better than being treated like a celebrity for a day?  What beats trying on clothes that you're sure will look great on you and having someone compliment you all day long? 

A lot of men and women hate shopping.  Some hate it because it's overwhelming to weed through the thousands of garments on the racks while others hate it because they try on a bunch of ill fitting clothes and end up feeling depressed about their body.  There is none of that stress with a personal stylist.  A good personal stylist will do all the work for you.  They will only pick items that flatter you, they'll do all the holding and lugging of hangers, they'll track down the illusive salesperson for questions and sizes, and they'll pull together the outfits so you don't have to lift a finger.  To top it all off the stylist can be responsible for the payment of the items so the recipient doesn't even have to look at a single price tag.  I guarantee they will feel like a king or queen for a day!

If you really want to go big and give the whole package, here's an idea for a full day event:

To start, the stylist arrives in a chauffeured car to pick up your celebrity client.  Since it will probably be morning, you can have coffee and something to nibble on in the car.

Next they will be whisked off to several stores.  If your stylist does their homework they might have already set aside some outfits based off of a picture and description of your loved one that you've provided.  They will have spoken to the salesperson and let them know that you have a VIP client coming and they should be treated as such.

Once the outfits have been chosen your loved one is taken to a salon to have their hair and grooming done: nails and makeup for a woman; shave and grooming for a man.

Once they are all clean and groomed they put on one of their new outfits and are driven to a beautiful restaurant, or other spot, where you are waiting for them to enjoy the rest of your evening together.

It will be a day of pampering and spoiling that your significant other will never forget!