You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover

I recently read a blog discussing style advice for career women as given by a personal stylist employed by Nordstrom. I’m not going to comment on my opinion of her advice since for the purpose of this blog I’m more interested in the first blog comment: “what a bunch of can't tell a book by its cover.”This is one of my all-time favorite cop-out comments. It’s true. You can’t know just from looking at the cover of a book whether or not the book will be good. That’s what the title is for, to entice you to purchase and read the book. When it comes to your career and especially to an interview, your appearance does matter. Whether you wish it to be so or not, your appearance tells people something about you, it speaks before you do. The question is, what do you want it to say? If you show up looking sloppy do you think a potential employer will believe you when you say you’re a very organized person with amazing attention to detail? If you’ve been at a job for years and a higher paying position opens up but it means being in front of potential clients, should your boss consider you for the job if your appearance is not business appropriate? When you’re selling your house your realtor will tell you that curb appeal can draw a potential buyer in, or turn them away. If you’re building a business a graphic designer will tell you the importance of having a website and business card that properly convey your company’s message. And yes, to sell a book the cover and title must convince the reader to look inside. When it comes to your professional appearance, before you ever utter a word or hand over a resume, your appearance should convey a quiet message of confidence, competence and attention to detail. Here are some quick tips to consider: - Stand up straight! If your mother isn’t here to tell you then I will. It doesn’t cost a thing and it does wonders for your overall appearance and feeling of confidence. - Polish your shoes - Trim any loose threads from your clothing - To give a suit a quick steam hang it in the bathroom with you when you take a shower - Keep a travel size lint roller in your bag and do a quick roll over your outfit before you go in to a meeting

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