Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Dis the disheveled

I hope you had a great weekend! Does this scenario sound familiar?

You're running late, rushing to get dressed.  You grab your trousers and shirt and realize they're both wrinkled.  Do you:

          A. Spend the next 30 minutes finding something else to wear

           B. Say, "no one will notice" and put it on anyway

           C. Get out the iron and ironing board and resign yourself to being late

           D. None of the above, use a quick method to get out wrinkles while you go about eating breakfast, showering, etc.

Tick tock, tick tock....  Ding!

Hopefully you chose "D".  Here's how you do it.

Shower Steam Method:

Place your garments on hangers, preferably plastic (wood hangers can warp and metal hangers can rust), and hang them in the bathroom while you shower.  Be sure not to hang them so close to the water that they'll get wet, especially silk.  If you have a way to keep more of the steam in the room without it becoming a fire hazard, please do so.  Once you're done showering run your clean hands over the garments to help loosen the wrinkles.  Again, if it's silk you'll want to make sure that your hands are completely dry.  For other garments that won't stain from water, it will help if your hands are damp.

If you've already showered but still have other things to get ready, you can follow the same method and even turn the water heat up to create more steam. 

The Dryer method

First read the care instructions and make sure that the item is dryer safe.  Then throw the wrinkled garment(s) in the dryer along with a damp... not dripping wet...damp color-safe cloth.  I like to use a white washcloth or sock.  Also add a dryer sheet, or (Bonus product tip!!) if you are opposed to dryer sheets, for example we don't use them for our son's clothes, you can use dryer balls.  We use Dryer Max Dryer Balls that we bought at Target.  This is also an eco-friendly solution.

Dryer Max Dryer Balls

Run the dryer on medium heat for 10 - 15 minutes.  Remove promptly and, if you have time, hang until it cools down.

For both of these methods you can spritz a light mist of water on the garment (except silk) prior to steaming, if the garment is very wrinkled.

There are other ways but these are the two that I have found to be most effective while remaining time efficient.

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Thanks and have an amazing and wonderful week!!