Tuesday Tips & Tricks: No show

Did you miss me?  I apologize for not posting a Tips & Tricks last Tuesday.  I had family visiting and family always takes precedence.  Now, on with the show... or rather, no show. I love white pants.  I love white pants for women and for men.  Linen, denim, cotton, you name it.  I love them all.  Few things instantly scream summer like a well fitting pair of 'em.    But 'oy!  I have seen some horrible underwear choices this summer.  Folks, if I want to see people's underwear there are websites for that!  So I would like to clear up any confusion. 

The key to underwear for white or light colored pants:  FLESH TONED UNDERWEAR. 

If you're fair skinned wear a nude color, if your skin is a dark tone then choose a brown tone.  Here are some options.

For men (quite the conundrum, right? ) Unless your name is Gino and you're cruising the Amalfi Coast, please do not wear a thong.  It's just disturbing.  Here's what to buy (click on the pic for link):

Flesh tone for him

Not comfortable with the idea of these underwear?  Next best thing are white boxer-briefs or boxers.  But make sure they are not see-through in any way.

For her: the only answer is flesh tone.  You can certainly wear a flesh tone thong, but if you are looking for a smooth (i.e. no cellulite) look then I recommend a smoothing underwear like Spanx or these seamless gems from Soma (click on pic for link).

Soma's Seamless underwear
Soma's Seamless underwear

Notice I did not say black thong, pink bikini or white.  Flesh tone is the only way to go.

By the way, summer isn't over and neither are summer sales.  Now is the time to buy a gorgeous pair of white linen pants or white denim to wear the rest of the this summer and into next.  And while you're out there, pick up a pair of flesh tone underwear... I'm begging you!
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Have a wonderful week!!