Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Sweater CPR

Sweater pets

It's official... sweater season has arrived!  I've recently been asked a few questions regarding sweaters so I thought I'd share a couple with the class.

        The problem: Pills - those nasty little balls that form on some sweaters as a result of friction.  You'll most often see them under the arms where the sleeves rub against the body, across the body from the seatbelt, at the wrists where you move them on the desk... you get the picture.

                    Two solutions:

                     Pumice Stone - easy to use and gives you full control over the amount of pressure you apply.

Sweater Saver

                       Shaver - battery operated and removes pills in a jiffy.                                                                               

Sweater shaver

         The problem: Fold vs. hang - if you fold your sweaters in a drawer you can't see everything you have and if you hang them they stretch out and lose their shape.

                    Two solutions:

                    Hanging Sweater Storage - you're able to see everything you own without risking the shape of the garment.  Added bonus * the cubby holes keep the stacks from toppling over!

Hanging sweater storage

                       Sweater Hangers - for lightweight knits ONLY!  Gravity is the arch enemy of sweaters (and mine) so hanging them is always risky.  However if you have a very lightweight fine gauge knit you might be able to get away with it.  To avoid damaging the delicate knit and getting those funny little shoulder bumps, try padded satin hangers.

Sweater hangers

No matter what, not even if the product claims amazing results, never, ever, hang a sweater to dry!  It will completely lose it's shape and ultimately ruin the quality and look of the sweater.  Always lay it flat or send it for dry cleaning.

Do you have other questions or conundrums regarding your sweaters?  All you have to do is ask and I'm happy to answer!  Post your question in the comments box and I'll respond.  And for goodness sake, bundle up... it's getting cold out there!