Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Bulk-free warmth


For some women the winter weather presents a new fashion challenge: how to stay warm without adding bulk.  For example, I think that some puffy coats are adorable.  Unfortunately when I wear them I look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  Considering the fact that most of my outfit choices are geared towards making myself look thinner, you can as where this might be considered counter-productive.  Luckily there are many coat choices out there.  There is also an alternative to adding warmth only with bulky sweaters.  They're called Cuddle Duds.cuddle duds

To put it simply, they're long johns for women.  But instead of your run of the mill waffle weave cotton numbers... as sexy as they may be... Cuddle Duds are silky, soft and thin.  They add a lot of warmth without all the bulk.  Perfect to put under your tops, pants and fine knit sweaters.

You can find Cuddle Duds at Macy's, Target, JC Penney and other retailers.  To see the full line visit the Cuddle Duds website: http://www.cuddlduds.com

A special thank you to my client back in Houston that first told me about Cuddle Duds.  I'll be thinking of you this winter!