Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Consider Consignment

Have you ever been to a consignment shop?  If you answered "no" my reply would be "why the heck not?!"  I love good consignment shops.  Unlike thrift shops, a good consignment shop owner/buyer has a discriminatory eye and only accepts items that look new and usually focus and well-known brands or unique items. 

As a seller it's a fantastic way to declutter your closet without having to feel guilty that you're throwing away items in good condition.  Do you have any clothes in your closet that still have the tags on them?  You know, one of those things you look at and think, "what was I smoking the day I bought that?!"  Well, you can make a little return on your money by selling the garment through a consignment shop.  Plus, you'll have the peace of knowing that the garment has found a new home.... not in YOUR closet.

As a shopper at a consignment shop you can find unique items at a fraction of their original cost.  The last time I was in to my favorite local shop I bought two long cardigan sweaters, the kind you see in all the stores right now, for about $10 EACH.  Most consignment shops will also sell some new accessories to make an outfit.  Some of favorite items to look for at a resale shop are special event garments (because they are normally only worn a few times, if not once), jeans (because they're already worn in) and purses/bags.  But I always find something I love and don't have to feel guilty buying because the price is amazing.

An added bonus to shopping at a resale shop is that you're supporting a local business.  Most consignment shops are run by their owners who take great pride in their store and community.  It's always great to help support local business owners, especially in today's economy.  In a season where you're spending a lot of cash on other people's gifts, consider a consignment shop for finding your holiday party outfits! 

To find the shops in your area just search "consignment shop" or "resale shop". 

In the Ann Arbor area I recommend:

The Resale Boutique  107 East Michigan Ave, Saline, MI  734-295-3030  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Saline-MI/The-Resale-Boutique/230749620018?v=wall

Happy shopping!!

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