Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Style Tips to Save Your Life

Okay, so maybe the title is misleading.  So maybe these tips won't save your life.  But when you need them they will certainly save you time and frustration!  And that's nearly as good, no??

Static Guard Your Hair:

My mom just told me this one the other day and now I love her EVEN MORE! (Which I didn't think was possible.)  Winter scarves and hats can cause some pretty interesting static hair sculptures.  To control the static in your hair you can either spray a little Static Guard on your comb or rub a dryer sheet on your head.  In my experience the dryer sheet works better on shorter hair.  This one also works double duty: static control and comic relief!

Double-Stick Tape It:

Think double-stick tape was only for busty starlets in risqué dresses?  Au contraire mon frere!  I LOVE this stuff!  Double-stick tape is perfect for keeping wrap dresses and tops from opening, button-down shirts from gaping, and low cut tops from exposing.  (Sorry guys!)  No more making holes in your fine fabrics with safety pins!  For men and women alike, if you have a belt that flaps a little without a loop to hold it down, just put a piece of double-stick tape behind the flap and, VOILA!

Waterproof Spray Men's Ties:

I wrote about this one a while back so you might remember it.  When my brother-in-law, John showed us this one my husband and I were wowed!  No more, "honey, can you get this stain out?"  "Honey, is this tie ruined?"  It's a beautiful thing!  Here's what you do: spray a fine coat of an aerosol waterproofing spray for leather and suede on your silk ties, front and back.  Be sure to read the directions and stand back the appropriate amount.  And while you're at it.... do your shoes!  (Thanks John!)

Have a style emergency and need some fast-aid?  Tell me and I'll do my best to help.  On the flip-side, do you have some life-saving style tips??  Maybe you learned the hard way?  Please share! 

A happy, healthy and stylish 2010 to you all!  I sincerely appreciate you and your feedback.

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