Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Buy & Bye

This week's a 2-fer!  First I would like to bring your attention to the changing of the seasons.  Not just outside (do my eyes deceive me or is that sunshine out my window?!) but also in the stores.  And that means SALES!  Now is a great time to get deals on items that will be every bit as in style next fall/winter as they were this one.  I recommend looking for items like leather boots, coats, cashmere sweaters and other expensive items that you might be reluctant to buy at full price.  Now is your chance to get them on sale! 

Second, I want to respond to a comment question from last week's blog.  The question was how to deal with blisters, especially since boat shoes should be worn without socks.  There are a few things you want to consider and try. 

1. Are the shoes real leather or imitation?  Imitation leather tends to cause more blisters than real leather. 

2. Are the shoes the right size and width?  If shoes are too small (or large) this can intensify the abrasion, causing the blisters. 

3. Is the leather/fabric against the heel stiff?  If yes, then you can bend and manipulate it with your fingers or use a shoe stretcher. 

4. Lastly, if you already know that the shoes have caused blisters or are afraid they might, you can put a piece of moleskin on the ankle, or where ever the abrasion occurs, to keep the shoe from rubbing against the skin.  Once the shoe has been broken in you should be able to wear them without blistering. 

Hope that helps! 

Wishing everyone a great week!  

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