Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Mother's Day

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9th.  Do you know what gift you're giving your mother?  Here are a few tips on how to buy your mom a gift she'll love... or at least be able to exchange. 

If you want to buy your mom a garment, here are some good rules to follow:

1. I recommend purchasing a top or a skirt, as opposed to pants.  Your chances of buying a top or a skirt that fits your mama well are much greater than finding well-fitting pants.

2. Check her closet to determine the size.  If that's not a possibility and you're unsure of the size, always err on the side of the smaller size.  It's better to be wrong than insulting!

3. If you're unsure what color looks good on your mom bring of picture of her with you to the store.  This way you can put the picture next to the item and get a visual idea of her wearing it.  Otherwise you can show the picture to a salesperson to ask for their recommendation.

4. If your mother lives in a different city than you be sure to purchase her gift at a national chain that is located in her city.  This way she can easily exchange the gift if she needs to.

5. Always include the gift receipt.  This not only takes out the hassle of exchanging, but also lets your mom know that it's okay if she wants to exchange for something else.

If you feel that your mother's wardrobe is not doing her beauty justice, you might want to consider a gift certificate with a personal wardrobe stylist.  Another option would be to hire a stylist or personal shopper to purchase a gift on your behalf.  She'll never have to know!

If your mom lives in southeast Michigan, I hope you'll consider Style Success!

Have a wonderful week!!