Tuesday Tips & Tricks: From the Pages...

Marie Claire Magazine, June 2010, pg. 150 

... of Marie Claire magazine, June 2010 edition, one of my favorite trends for spring and summer... layered bracelets and necklaces.  Okay, let's just be honest, shall we, I'm not ever... never ever... going to look like the girl in this picture (whimper, sigh).  But that's what I love about this trend.  It can flatter all body types and ages and doesn't require losing weight to look good in it.  Though, to judge by this magazine, you would think it requires a second mortgage to afford it.  The jewelry on this page totals $5,869, not including the earrings and the petal necklace.  But do not despair!  There are plenty of ways to achieve this look at a much more affordable price.  Here are some ideas. 

 This is a great opportunity also to mix different metals and materials: silver, gold, brass, leather, etc.  Incorporate layered rings, but keep the earrings simple. 

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