Tuesday Tips & Tricks: From the Pages...

of GQ.com... plaid shirts for men.  

I can hear it now... Michigan men everywhere calling their wives, "See!  I told you plaid was sexy!" 

Before you start with the "I told you so"s, let me clarify.  If you would wear it hunting, that's NOT what I mean.  The trend for spring is a cotton WELL-FITTING plaid shirt.  The shoulder seams should be at your actual shoulders (not two inches down the arm) and the sides of the shirt should be close to the sides of your body, not billowing out.  Another tip to keep the shirt looking stylish is to roll up the sleeves about two-thirds the way up the forearm, then push them the rest of the way up to the elbow. 

 Here are some styles to try:





Wear it ironed and tucked in to FLAT FRONT khakis, or just tumbled dry and out over jeans.  Also looks great with boat shoes

Your personal style is meant to be an outer expression of who you are on the inside.  If you're in southeast Michigan and in need of a little assistance finding the styles that are right for you, please consider finding Style Success. Wherever you are, I hope that the weather for you is better than here!  But most of all I just hope that you have a wonderful week!!