Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Stylin' Father's Day Ideas

Father's Day is this Sunday, and there is still time to get some nifty gifts.  There are plenty of sites out there that will tell you all about the latest gadgets, but I'm gonna stick with what I know.  Here are some Stylin' Father's Day gift ideas for your special man.

20's - Fedora  

Harking back to the days when men didn't leave home without their hats, the Fedora style is still a sexy male accessory, but modernized to suit today's casual style.   

30's - the Details 

Do you ever look back at pictures of your grandfather when he was young and think, "wow, he looks so sharp in that suit?!"  Back in the day (which was a Wednesday, by the way) men's suits were accented with details like cufflinks and tie clips.  Give your man something with a special detail this Father's Day with an engraved tie clip or personal cuff links.  (*Note: he'll need a French cuff shirt to utilize cuff links.)  For example, is he a baseball fan?  Check these out...  

50's/60's - the perfect shave
Turn the mundane into something special.  Let's face it (ha, ha, get it?), your dad has been shaving for a while by now.  Isn't it about time he get pampered too?  How about a special shaving kit with a gift certificate to an old-school straight razor shave, hot towel and all?  If you live in SE Michigan, check out Jude's Barber Shop

70's and up - some sheen
Get him something that he'll actually use, and maybe wouldn't get for himself otherwise.  I love this polo style shirt from Brooks Brothers for its impeccable quality and the gorgeous sheen of the double mercerized cotton.

One more gift idea, perfect for men of every age.  A gift certificate to a personal style consultation with me!    http://www.stylesuccess.net
Happy Father's Day to all the men that make our lives so wonderful (and sometimes drive us to the brink of insanity).
Have a wonderful week!