Tuesday Tips & Tricks: the short story

At a recent kiddie birthday party I suddenly found myself surrounded by my girlfriends, all wanting to know which shorts they should be wearing.  Since a bunch of screaming 3 year olds makes it kinda tough to hold a conversation, I promised to devote this week's blog to the topic.  I'll start by saying that, with the exception of bootie shorts (i.e. shorts so short you can see one's tushie), it's my personal belief that the length of your shorts should be dictated more by your height and shape of your legs than by your age.  

Short-shorts, 4" - 6" Inseam 

Really over the age of 25 you should not wear shorts with an inseam shorter than 4".  Any shorter and you'll be dangerously close to the aforementioned "bootie shorts".  That being said, if you have short legs then a 4" inseam is your best friend.  By showing more of your leg, they will appear longer.  Add a wedge sandal with some heel height to it and you'll look downright tall! 



Walking Shorts, 8" - 10" Inseam 

If your upper thigh is not among your favorite parts of your body, then a longer inseam is the way to go.  An 8" - 10" inseam is great because it hits a few inches of the knee and still shows the curve of your leg above your knee.  This length of short is definitely appropriate for all ages and sizes, it's just about finding the right cut for you.  


 Bermuda Shorts, 11" - 12" Inseam 

If you would be happy if the area above your knee never saw the light of day then these are the shorts for you. Two things to beware of when wearing Bermuda shorts:
1. the longer length means that the leg will appear shorter.  When possible, wear these shorts with a wedge heel.
2. The cut of a Bermuda short often tapers in, meaning that it gets narrower from the hip to the knee.  This can make hips appear larger.  If you are, shall we say, "blessed" in the hip department, then look for shorts that fall straight from the hip or a slight A-line.

A few of other points to consider: 1. Like trousers, if your shoulders are wider than your hips then shorts with a slight a-line cut opening will be more flattering to your figure.

2. If you have narrow hips but athletic thighs then look for a straight cut.  Banana Republic shorts are especially good. 

3. If you find a pair of shorts you like but the pockets are slash pockets that pop out when you wear them, then take them to an alterations shop to have the pockets sewn shut and the pocket bags cut out. 

Girls, I hope I answered your questions. 

If you live in Southeast Michigan and are looking for a wardrobe stylist to help you find the styles best for you, then Style Success is for you!  http://www.stylesuccess.net 

Have a great week!