Tuesday Tips & Tricks: What to Buy Now

If you've been shopping recently you've probably noticed the colors on the racks getting darker and the lengths getting longer. Fall is in the air! Well, maybe not outside, but in the stores. August is the pre-fall delivery in stores and as much as I would like to put it off, the arrival of cooler temperatures is on the horizon. The forecast for this Friday is 77° during the day (awesome) and 55° at night (not awesome). That being said, it is not yet time to pack away the summer clothes and bring out the heavy sweaters. So the question is, what among all those new items in the stores should you buy? Hint: layers are great, not only on cake. Here are a couple of ideas to start you off. The Blazer The supreme layering piece: looks good as a suit, with a skirt, over dresses, with jeans... shall I go on? A great fitting blazer is a piece worth spending more on. Look for cottons, lightweight wools, poly/rayon/spandex or other medium weight fabrics to start the season.

The Cardigan

Less serious than the blazer, the cardigan has become a major staple in every woman's wardrobe. It's the perfect piece to layer over your sleevless tops and take them from summer to early fall. Like the blazer, no need to bulk up yet, look for lightweight cardigans, made from super fine-gauge cashmere, silk, cotton and blends thereof. Since they're lightweight, later in the season you can even layer these under jackets.

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Have a wonderful week! Jodi