Tuesday Tips & Tricks: "but it doesn't show your shape"

Last Wednesday I went out for a (desperately needed) "girl's night out". After spending, shall I say, many, many, minutes getting ready, I came downstairs to find my husband and son watching "Top Gear". My husband glanced at me and then returned his gaze to the TV without a syllable uttered.  Needless to say, I was disappointed that my husband was not blown away by my appearance, and when I commented on his obvious lack of enthusiasm he replied, "but it doesn't show your shape". As a wife I was pretty annoyed at his response, but as a stylist I knew exactly what he would say. I knew my blouse was too flowy and big for his taste since it pretty much hid my curves.  As a matter of fact, that's why I wore the top for a "girl's night out" instead of on a date with my husband. 

Ironically, the day before I had been interviewed for an article in the Detroit Free Press about appropriate dating attire ("Get date wardrobe right from the start", Kristin Bull, Detroit Free Press, 15 August 2010). In my conversation with the author I stressed the importance for women of feminine dressing that shows curves and the significance of an overall air of confidence and ease. For men we discussed the value of making an effort: wearing a casual blazer, shining shoes, etc. Basically both sides want to know that they were considered and worth the effort. 

Fast forward to yesterday when in a conversation with a friend's family member I was told, "I saw the article but since I'm not dating I didn't bother to read it."  

This all left me thinking and reminded about the importance of considering who you want to impress while choosing your attire. Whether it's a date with a stranger, your long-time significant other, or a potential business relationship, similar rules apply. While it's important to stay true to your own sense of style, you should also know your audience and dress accordingly. And if your husband doesn't like your outfit for a "girl's night out" you can just say, "that's okay, honey. I wasn't dressing for you anyway." 

Have a wonderful week!