Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Red hot!

As most of you know my family and I recently relocated to Houston, TX.  Since I grew up in San Antonio, it's nice to be back in the Lone Star State!  (Also the fast-food breakfast taco state... yay!!)  Now, I remember that it's hot here in the summer but I think I may have forgotten what 103 degrees feels like.  Needless to say, it's HOT!  Which makes it a little difficult to get in the mindset of cool-weather clothing.  But there it is, at the front of every store, the first deliveries of fall, enticing us with rich shades of purple and gold.  However, there are ways to start introducing fall trends into your current wardrobe that will carry you through the season. One of my favorite trends this season is the color cherry red.  So bold, feminine and SEXY!  Consider a red shoe, like this one or maybe dip your toes into a cherry red polish.jag-u-are.

Personally, until the temperatures here in Houston get below the triple digits I'll be dipping in the polish then the pool!   (Man!  It's hot here!!!)

Another update, for those that don't know, I'm due to have my second kiddo in a few weeks so I'll be on maternity leave for a while.  That being said, I'm always available on email so send me your fashion faux pas and conundrums and I'll do my best to steer you in the right direction.  I will also be posting my full Fall 2011 fashion forecast on my website soon, so keep an eye out.  Most of all, remember that the most important style accessory is to be your genuine self.  Go forth and conquer!