A Sign of Sexy Things to Come

I'm all hot and bothered about Fall fashion... or maybe it's just the fact that it's still sweltering hot in H-town.  No, I'm pretty sure it's the sexy style of Fall 2012.  It seems as though the whole world has gone crazy for Fifty Shades of Grey and we are all dying to be a little naughty and a lot sophisticated.  Here are some ideas for how to get the look.

Texture, texture, texture!!  It's all about tactile fabrics that bring depth: shiny leather, embossed leather, soft velvet, sheer chiffon, smooth wool, silky satin and fur.  These textures combined are what will give your outfit interest and that "gotta touch" personality.

Colors are deep and rich.  predominantly but not limited to, black, red, purple, black, white, grey, black, black, black... did I mention black?

Silhouettes are fitted, sleek and uber-feminine.  There are touches and hints of S&M, with straps and locks and such... but tastefully done, of course.

So bring out your inner Ana, your most sensual purring sex kitten and let your hips sway when you slink into this Fall's sexy styles.  Yes PLEASE!!