Put down those platform heels and step away slowly...

Manolo BlahnikSpring 2013 Damnet!  I was just getting accustomed to teeter-tottering around on platforms.  But one thing you can always depend on in the fashion industry is change and this spring's remodeling focus will be on your feet.  After years of platform heel heights towering higher and higher designers have decided to put their foot down (or rather ours since most of them are men and don't wear the darn things in the first place.)  According to Vogue's January 2013 issue, platforms are on their way out and single soles are the way to go.  Don't worry, you needn't quit cold turkey, keep rockin' those platform heels.  As a matter of fact, a lot of the designers were showing a mix of platform as well as single sole pumps and sandals in their Spring 2013 shows.  But if you're planning to take advantage of all those after-Christmas and New Year's sales you might want to focus on single soles .  Ultimately you'll get more seasons out of a trend if you buy it at the start.One particular shoe style seems to be popping up all over the place.  The ankle strapped pump.

Tom Ford - Spring 2013 RTW
Tom Ford - Spring 2013 RTW (Photo: Style.com)

Gorgeous, sleek, sexy... but not so flattering if your legs or ankles are less than svelte.  If you still want to embrace this trend without cutting off the line of your leg too much try a pair with a nude ankle strap or another color closer to your skin tone.

Christian Dior - Sp'13

Now if you'll exuse me, I have to go buy stock in Dr. Scholls.

Happy 2013!!