The Holy Grail - Cute Mommy-On-The-Go Shoes

No Stilettos SignThere are certain questions I get asked a lot. One of those questions is what shoes to wear and still look cute as a fully functioning mommy-on-the-go. With two young boys of my own this is a struggle I am all too familiar with. I give props to the women that can do it, but for me stilettos and kiddos don't go together. Let me go ahead and add a few other curves into the mix based off of my own struggles.

I am not tall and I do not have skinny legs. In my experience "skinny" is as subjective a concept as "affordable". However I think it is fair to state as a fact that I do not have cute, thin legs (I will stop there lest I fall into a self-deprecating rant) and I am all of 5'4". Therefore I prefer shoes with some heel and/or pointy toe to give a leaner and longer look.

I live in Houston. Right now it is the middle of October and it's a lovely 85 degrees with 45% humidity. Great for being outside, NOT great for knee-high boots and it could be like this until Thanksgiving. I'm not complaining, but it does make wearing cute Fall fashions a challenge.

With all this in mind, here are some suggestions beyond the obvious knee-high boots, for all the busy women out there, like me, that want to be on-the-go and look cute doing it this Fall.

Fall in Houston