Here's what some Style Success clients have to say about their experience:

"Working with Jodi, as my stylist, has brought me new inspiration into presenting myself to the world.  Jodi took the time to fully understand my career, personality, and essential self.  She got a firm grasp of all these aspects of me as we chose outfits.  She honestly synced into my life and made selections that feel great to me.  I’m very grateful to have Jodi on my team." - Cheryl (Houston, TX)

"You showed me how beautiful I can look, now I don't want to settle for less!" - DeLynn
"I have been at my new position for one month and just want to thank you.  It's a lot easier to walk into a room now and not get stares of dread from seeing an unprofessional looking provider.  I think I am able to instill confidence more quickly than previously.  Besides work, I now have found myself actually excited when I see new clothes come out and now know that I can wear those clothes too."- Danielle (Houston, TX)
"Jodi was dream to work with!  I knew I needed a ton of help and I could tell by looking at her website that she knew what she was doing and had a great eye.  When we met, she really focused on what I needed, based on my profession and personality.  She went through my wardrobe and really just confirmed what I was already feeling about pieces.  The things she recommended removing were ones I already knew didn't work.  The thing that really helped was that she showed me WHY those pieces didn't work for my body type.  That helped a lot when I got to the shopping part because I knew what to avoid. 
Before Jodi's help, I would go shopping and attempt to buy things that worked, but I didn't know what I was doing, so it was a huge waste of money and time.  After shopping with Jodi, I know just what to look for, what works and what doesn't!  This saves me a ton,  I am far more confident with my wardrobe.  I highly recommend her!" - Janet (Houston, TX)
"I really enjoyed the experience.  I told [my wife] that it was amazing to experience shopping with someone who knows the ins-and-outs of retail clothing.  I was impressed with how you worked with store staff and with the efficiency with which you were able to orchestrate the whole block of time.  I would do it again."  - Dennis (Houston, TX)
"Thank you so much for all your help with my wardrobe.  Using your advice makes shopping much easier and more enjoyable,  now I know what to look for and am better able to tell what's appropriate for me.  I feel so much more confident and comfortable at the office.  I also have noticed people taking me more seriously, which being younger in the work force means a lot.  Thanks again!" - Laura(Houston, TX)
"I was anxious about the process of working with a stylist and being so exposed—in the physical sense of showing someone all my figure flaws and closet full of things I knew did not work and, in the figurative sense, revealing all of my body and self-image hang-ups.  Jodi’s warm, yet candid, self-deprecating communication style and great sense of humor immediately put me at ease and made the process enjoyable. Shopping with Jodi is work, no doubt.  It does not resemble shopping as I knew it—it is a power sport for Jodi and she is professional league.  She knew where to find what I wanted/needed, which brands were most likely to fit me, took me to stores that were not on my radar and continually steered me toward things I might not have picked up on my own but were just what I needed.  Jodi has a great style of her own but I never felt she was imposing her style on me or that there was a cookie cutter look she was reproducing.  She took the time to understand how I want to present myself and then work with me to make that look work for my body type and within my price point.  Ultimately, I have realized that working with Jodi not only enables me to achieve my desired look.  It also avoids the time waste of my continual buying and returning things that ultimately don’t work and actually saves money by avoiding the mistake purchases that previously hung in my closet tags attached for years on end." - Robyn (Houston, TX)
"Thank you again for all your help!  You definitely make shopping easier, efficient and much more fun!!" - Donna (Houston, TX)
"Just wanted to say thank you for following up for me today and for all you're doing for me.  I am so grateful!  Thanks to you, I've turned over a new leaf in caring about how I present myself to the world.  It's very gratifying and comes at just the right time in my life." - Anna (Houston, TX)
"Jodi has an amazing eye for figure flattering clothes and accessories.  I get compliments on pieces purchased in 2008 that still look fresh today.  In addition to finding the best silhouette and palette, she finds the best prices.  She knows which clothes are the most cost effective in terms of styling and construction.  I look forward to working with Jodi again." - Nancy (Houston, TX)
"Several years ago I worked with an Image Consultant but was not satisfied with the results.
She wasn't a good listener. I felt my body type and age wasn't being considered for the image I wanted to portray.  Unfortunately, that experience affected my interest in image consultants - working with someone who doesn't have your best interest in mind or sense of style is exhausting.  Then one day the owner of a small boutique referred me to Jodi.  She was very responsive, a good listener and discussed body type and lifestyle. Our first shopping trip was productive and so delightful!  She is very practical, uses your time wisely and provides a unique personal touch.  Now we maximize our time together by preparing a list in advance which includes special occasions, holidays and other family members. I switched to Jodi and will not work with any other image consultant again. If you want to develop your best personal style, contact Jodi." - Anne (Houston, TX)
"Jodi was heaps of fun to work with, we started out communicating via email and Skype as I live on the other side of the world.  Jodi's warmth and friendliness helped me feel relaxed right from our first call and she was able to choose styles and colours that easily worked for me.  [When] I travelled to Texas ... we shopped together for some great outfits, bags and shoes for me to wear at a conference I was attending. My new outfits made an enormous difference to my confidence whilst delivering presentations to my colleagues from around the world. I have received many compliments and look forward to working with Jodi again. - Judy(Visiting Houston from Mauritius)
"When I received a promotion two years ago, a friend referred me to Jodi.  Shopping for my own clothes has never been something I enjoyed.  I was extremely skeptical about working with an image consultant, but agreed to a couple hours one Saturday.  Jodi reviewed my wardrobe and recommended pieces to compliment my body type, skin tone and life style.  Her advice on custom shirts - colors, fabrics, styles - which fit my body best was one of the best investments I've ever made. By lunch my opinion of an image consultant totally changed.  Jodi is excellent.  I highly
recommend her, she has a keen sense of style success"  -  Ed(Houston, TX)
"Went to see a friend's new house and stopped at the nursery to get her a plant.  The clerk could not stop talking about how "cute" I looked...'thanks to you!!!'.  When I returned home my husband said I looked 10 years younger!!!!"  - Susan (Houston, TX)