Tuesday Tips & Tricks: If you don't buy anything else...


On Friday, September 25th I teamed up with Mod Squad hair salon in Saline, and Kristin Finn from Mary Kay, to present the fashion trends for fall.  Apparently I'm not as good at multi-tasking as some of the other mom-entrepeneurs out there.  How they are able to plan and execute events while maintaining their businesses, blogs and Twitters, and not forget the feeding, folding, changing, etc., etc., is beyond me!  Obviously I have something to work towards.  To see the fruits of our labor check out the video/photo montage on the "Events" page of my website: http://www.stylesuccess.net/Events.html

In the end my family got fed, the laundry got put away... eventually, and the event was a success.  The Twittering and blogging, however, suffered.  With that, onto Fall...

If you don't buy anything else new this fall you should buy a classic white shirt.  Not one with ruffles or ribbons or sparkles.  A clean, crisp, tailored white shirt.  My favorite is this one from Banana Republic:

Classic White Shirt

It's non-iron (yes please!) and has a great tailored fit.  In the Fall preview show I showed it paired with a tweed pencil skirt

Classic Lady

but in truth, the options are endless.

You can wear it with jeans, slacks, skirts, shorts... not in fall maybe, but eventually.  Wear it out, tucked in or belted.  Wear it with a necklace or scarf, a simple white tank underneath or a sequined cami for drama.  It's appropriate for every age and they make it in a good range of sizes, including petites and talls.

The shirt from Banana is just one option, there are others out there.  If you live in Houston, Texas, check out Basiques in Uptown Park, Sherri has practically turned it into an art form!

Happy hunting!!

If you live in the Ann Arbor, MI area and want to be invited to the next season trend show be sure to add yourself to the mailing list on my websiste: www.stylesuccess.net  Have a great week!!