Tuesday Tips & Tricks: grey, grey, go away!


When we first found out that we would be moving from Texas to Michigan we received all kinds of advice.  But the one we heard that really stood out to me the most was, "just be sure to plan vacations for January, February and March."  I thought, "where the h--- am I moving to that I'll need to escape it for 3 months out of the year??"  Two winters in, I totally get it.  GREY, GREY and oh wait, more GREY!  And then, while walking through the mall last week, my spirits were lifted with little shots of imitation sun in the form of spring colors.  Gorgeous shades of corals and teals literally made me smile.  So here is a sneak peek at a trend for spring that you can buy and wear now. 

A major trend for Spring 2010 is going to be lingerie, or "underwear as outerwear".  The silky camisole is the perfect piece to get now to layer underneath cardigans or chunky sweaters for just a little peak of sexy spring to come.  And need I point out that Valentine's Day is coming?  Underwear can also just be underwear... know what I'm sayin'?? 


 p.s. we're going on vacation to Texas in 2 weeks and all I'm sayin' is... there better be sun!! 

Have a great week!!