Tuesday Tips & Tricks: From the Pages

Oh man, I'm so gonna be eating my words on this one.  Last year my friend and I were giving her husband a hard time about his affinity for boat shoes.  Now they're one of the biggest trends for men this spring.  Looking through the pages of GQ, Esquire and other men's magazines, they're everywhere!   The look goes hand-in-hand with the overall preppy trend for spring.  So bring out your inner WASP and rejoice!  Go get yourself a pair of topsiders!

Depending on your age and style you might want to go more or less traditional.  Here are some ideas: 

 The Classic Casual:


Classic Dressy-Casual:

 Modern Dress-Casual:

           Modern Casual:

 I think it goes without saying... but just in case... no, you should not wear socks.

Want ideas of what to wear with your snazzy new shoes?  I think I might know a wardrobe stylist that can help!  Check out www.stylesuccess.net and/or become a fan on Facebook.  The link is to the right.

Have a fantastic week!